Friday, August 28, 2009


This is my favorite song right now. As you can see, it changes quite a bit. The song is so bright, with synthesizers and guitar that really makes you wish that the summer wasn’t coming to a close. I’m actually mad that this song is getting radio play 3 months too late because this is a great summer song. Right before the infectious chanting of “fold it, fold it, fold it”, at the end of each chorus, a synthesizer skyrockets up like an air horn. That’s the sound of your minds being blown. At least it was for me. :) Enjoy. I couldn't find a video of it so I just posted their performance of it on Letterman.


Stace-Ghost said...

I'm diggin it!!

Amber said...

Love it, I think I've heard their Wolfgang Amadeus song too on the radio, and I liked it - I think we have similar tastes in music :)