Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Crap and a Song

I haven't posted in a long time because I've had a hell of a month.

Stace-Ghost and I are finally in our house and we love it. We still need to put some stuff away and hang up some pictures but everything is mostly in its right place. It still doesn't seem real. I still feel like I'm going to wake up one day and the dream will be over and we will have to leave. I bought an electric lawnmower today and mowed the lawn with it. It actually worked surprisingly good except for the fact that it felt like I was vacuuming the lawn, since I constantly had to lift the power cord out of the way like you do with a vacuum cleaner. I still have to fix the shower knob in our master bathroom. We managed to break it on the first night in the house. It'll be easy to fix it though. The hardest part will be finding a knob that fits it.

I kind of lost my job on the same day we were moving into our house. I am a temp for Lovelace so I still have work but I was unfairly reassigned. The day when it happened, I was told that the assignment was coming to an end and that's all, despite the fact that my manager had told me that they wanted to make it into a permanent position. Later on, I was texting a co-worker just trying to find out if there was another reason I was let go, because I always felt like my boss never really liked me (although there was no reason for him not to, I think it was just because I didn't suck up to him like everyone else did). My co-worker then started telling me that she was the reason I was let go. She didn't feel like I was the right fit for the job, that I was lazy, that I wasn't detail-oriented and since she was sort of like my supervisor, she told my boss all of these things and he let me go without even letting me defend myself against her very untrue allegations. The following Tuesday, I sat down with my HR rep and discussed it with her. I seriously thought of little else the entire weekend since I was so angry about it, which was a real downer since I should have been really happy to finally get into our house. However, when I talked with my HR rep, I finally got closure on it. I told her about everything and all of my suspicions about why I was let go and told her that I really didn't want my job back and I didn't want revenge (although I guess I did a little bit) but was there to defend my reputation as I thought that there were things said about me that were untrue. She assured me that there were no allegations against me, that the assignment had just come to an end, and that she was trying to find me more work. I really felt better after that meeting and I could finally stop thinking about it.

They did find me something for these past two weeks, just kind of sending faxes out and making phone calls for a team of nurses but the assignment ends tomorrow and I'm not sure if they have anything else lined up for me. I've started looking for other work, both in Lovelace and other places. I'm tired of being a temp. It's awful work, not because of the work that you do but because you get to know people, start to get comfortable and then are pulled from it suddenly. I hope I find something.

I have to go camping tomorrow, taking the 11 year old scouts on a quick camping trip. I went and got my camping stuff (which is actually my Dad's camping stuff) and realized after pulling it out of the closet that I was ready to go. I didn't have to pack anything. I just had to pull it out of the closet and go.

I've had this song in my head all week so I thought I'd share it with all of you. It's by a new band called The Temper Trap and the song is called Sweet Dispositions. It sounds like a U2 or Arcade Fire song. It's also interesting that their lead singer is from Indonesia. I dig it. I hope you do as well. That's it for me. I'll try not to be such a stranger.