Saturday, January 26, 2008


I daydream constantly. This has never been a problem. I quite enjoy my daydreams. I think about various things in these daydreams and they can be triggered by the smallest of details. Sometimes I get very involved in these daydreams. If I am imagining a very sad experience, I'll be about to cry before I realize I'm daydreaming and that this is not real. If I am imagining something scary, I will freak myself out before I realize that this is not real. I have often wondered if these daydreaming experiences have had an impact on my day-to-day interactions with the real world. And I think it has. None of my experiences in real life are as exhilirating as my daydreams, that are often almost movie-esque. I feel like Walter Mitty in that story, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", who also constantly daydreams that he is the protagonist of exciting experiences such as a defiant revolutionary facing the firing squad or an intelligent lawyer prosecuting criminals (I also heard that they're making this into a movie with Jim Carrey). However, in his real life, Mitty is odd, unmotivated, and controlled by his mean wife who does not understand him. My wife understands me but I definitely have problems with my interactions in the real world. However, I am still happy for the gift of imagination. Einstein himself said that, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." If only I could make my imagination work for me, instead of against me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Explanation of name, digression, back to name, then why I decided to blog...

Yes, yes, I have decided to blog. I will tell you my reason for this but first let me explain the name I have chosen for this blog because you are probably a bit weirded out by it. "Bullet for Babs" is the name of one of the bands I'm currently in. I play guitar, my friend Mike Rivera plays drums, and another friend of ours, Mikee Riggs, sings. Yes, we do not have a bass player. The reason for that is actually the reason we started the band. My other band, "Shambala", was also with me on guitar, Mike on drums, and my friend Kevin Darrell who played bass and sang. Mikee started to practice with Shambala and was about to take over the singing duties when Shambala went on hiatus, when we could not find a time to practice with Kevin. The remaining three who could practice did not want to do Shambala stuff without Kevin so they decided to write songs without him. The songs that came out were very different than Shambala's music so Bullet for Babs was born. We also recently finished an EP of 8 songs. But I digress.
The name is a reference to a Batman comic, where a love interest of Bruce Wayne is shot by the Joker. I did not come up with this name. Mikee and Mike are both comic book nerds. I don't dislike comics but I don't read them because they are expensive and I'd rather read real books. I merely went along with it because it sounds cool. This is also the reason I named my blog this.
And now to why I decided to blog. I've been thinking about it for awhile. It all started back when I read one of Nene's blogs when she made the following remark, "I hope my kids are able to do what my brothers and sisters and I have done-get to know each other better." This struck me and I have remembered it ever since. So in an effort to accomplish this goal, I have decided to blog. Anyone who wants to read my blog can do so, but this blog is meant for my brother and sisters, so that they can know and learn more about the person that I am.