Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die

(Not in Any Order)

10. See Ireland and Japan.
9. Write and record at least 100 songs.
8. Earn a ph.d in anything (but preferably in English or Marketing). If time permits, earn a second ph.d.
7. See a Beatle perform. (preferably Paul)
6. See a World Cup match.
5. Meet one of my grandchildren.
4. Finish writing a book. (it doesn't matter if its ever published or not)
3. Take my wife on a honeymoon. (it still hasn't happened yet)
2. Work in either the music or video game industries. (preferably video games-there's not a bright future for the music industry)
1. Live to see the Cowboys win another Super Bowl. (next season?)


gilbert girl said...

I've still never had a honeymoon either...And if you want to see a Beatle, I'd hurry up if I were you since there's only 2 left...Maybe you could take your wife to Ireland for a honeymoon and kill two birds with one stone...hee hee hee

Stace-Ghost said...

I agree with gilbert girl! we could try to schedule it when a beetle may be performing and then we would really be on a roll!

Amber said...

this is a cool list - i noticed you said "FINISH writing a book" does that mean you've already started one? I totally think you should its a great idea to try to work in the video game field - you should look into that now, alot of those jobs you can tele-commute, and you never know what's out there! You'd be awesome at that! You know what movie it reminds me of - The Wiz, remember that movie? With Fred Savage and his little brother was an awesome video game player, I remember watching that with you when we were little. P.S. Kaleb's friend Mark just got a regular Nintendo and I am sad to admit that my Nintendo skills have withered with decades of disuse. I might get one for Kaleb for christmas though. (I might need your help finding where to get one).

Nene said...

I definitely think if you're wanting to see a Beatle perform it should be Paul. Ringo is good, but come on...he is probably the lesser of the three. I would love to see Paul and his band doing a recreation of their old songs. He did a concert like that once, I have the cd.

Delirious said...

Oh man, I would love to see the Cowboys win too!