Monday, April 7, 2008

Soccer is Cool Too....Right?

I have become a big soccer fan. It started like all things do with me; a video game. I think any sport can be fun to watch if you know who the best teams and the best players are which is what makes a video game an informational gold mine.
My two friends and I started playing the 2006 World Cup Soccer video game as a (healthy) alternative to going to priesthood meeting when I was attending the singles branch before I was married. As all things do, when they involve Mormons and competition, the game playing quickly turned nasty as winning became highly important. Since that game is now outdated, we have started playing Fifa '08 which helped me learn all the professional teams in Europe and other places as opposed to World Cup Soccer which only had national teams. This new love of soccer is good because it gives me something to watch in the offseason of football. To help everyone embrace soccer, I have composed several key facts about soccer that will get you on your way to being a fan.

1. Manchester United is the British equivalent of the Yankees...they have the most money, which means they (usually) have the best players, which means they are hated by everyone who doesn't live in Manchester or by people who think they are being cool by liking a team few people in America know about but really are just being uncool because lots of other people already had the same idea.

2. David Beckham is not a striker (the position in soccer whose job it is to foremost, score goals) and therefore is not famous for scoring all the time. Beckham's soccer skills have to do with his kicking ability (free kicks and corner kicks) that seem to always allow him to put the ball in places that seem impossible. (see video below)

3. Ronaldino of Barcelona (and the Brazillian national team) is arguably the best player in the world right now. He's also weird looking. I'm serious.

4. Flopping, the act that many professional players do by pretending to fall down and be hurt in order to draw a penalty against the other team, is highly annoying or really funny depending on how much you care about the game and how poor the player is at acting. Whats even funnier is when you thought the player was faking but then they bring the stretcher out to carry him off the field.

5. The faux-hawk is a popular hair-style among soccer players as well as being a hair style I wish I was cool enough to pull off. (see below)

Well, that should get you started. Don't be afraid to watch a game or two. And if you don't know whats going on, don't worry. The person next to you probably doesn't either.
P.S. My favorite team, Chelsea (from Britain) has an important game today. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Amber said...

you need to post a picture of the faux-hawk i wanna see

Rintor said...

Where can you watch soccer?

gilbert girl said...

may i just say that david beckham is also known for being hot. :o)

Nene said...

Well, now I know where 2 boys in my class get the idea for their haircuts! :0}

Stace-Ghost said...

I will have to agree with Gilbert girl on this one. Also, I enjoy the fact that you like soccer, although it is rather boring to watch sometimes