Thursday, June 2, 2011


I recently entered a flash fiction contest in our local newspaper. The contest was to write a story in 119 words or less. I do not expect to win. Actually, I really think my story is pretty much crap. Writing a story in 119 words or less is really difficult. I originally wrote it thinking that it could be 199 words or less and that original version read much better. I happened to glance at the ad again and realized I had to cut it down by almost half. Because of that, it really doesn't read very well. I thought about trashing the whole thing but the contest allowed a person two different entries. I figured I would submit it and write another entry later. I didn't. You can read the story below. It's morbid and dark but if nothing else, at least I told a full story in 119 words, even if it is really crappy and generic.


Digging, digging, digging. Just a little more and it will all be over.

How did it come to this?

For awhile, it was perfect. We’d take trips to the beach and she’d tuck her hands in my boxers as we lay there soaking up the sun. Her dark hair would shine in the sunlight but it was her smile that lit up the world.

Digging. Almost there.

It started with him. She thought he’d be perfect for our plan.

It was supposed to be pinned on him.

Not on me.

“Alright,” the guard said. “You have a half-hour.”

I sat in my hole and pulled out the shiv. It went through my skin like butter.

No more digging.