Thursday, May 26, 2011

Talkin' Death Letter Blues

YouTube is the gift that keeps on giving. Spend 20 minutes on there just clicking on random videos and you're bound to find gems like this. This is an old blues singer called Son House performing "Death Letter Blues" in 1967. The White Stripes redid this song almost 40 years later but I never knew that their version was a cover until now. Though I love the White Stripes, there's just no beating a performance like this. I love how he just stands up there by himself and sings with so much soul and honesty like a prophet of old coming to tell us all to quit our wicked ways. I've always loved how blues and soul speak so openly and honestly about real pain as a way of taking away it's power. It's like the old story about how if you put a name to something then it's not so scary. Except with the blues, it's almost an exorcism, where you sing about it so you can almost relive the pain so you can know for sure that it can't hurt you anymore. Anyway, I'll stop waxing philosophically about the blues and just let you enjoy the video.