Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why I Hate The Book Of Revelation (Yeah, I Said It)

I have a confession to make. I hate the book of Revelation. My hatred for it has nothing to do with the fact that it is hard to understand.
I hate it because of what it does to us as a people. We read the various revelations with an extreme thirst. I think we as a people have always felt like something big is coming, something that will totally change everything, like another 9/11 event, and while I can't deny that it very well might happen, I hate that we all agree and are waiting for it to happen. This is why I hate the book of Revelation. It confirms to us that something IS going to happen, which makes us all greedily look for it to happen.
Ask yourself this, do you think you will be alive for the Second Coming? If you do, you're not alone. Almost everyone does. But you know who else thought they would be alive for the Second Coming? The pioneers. That was over 150 years ago. And while the point of this blog is not to make fun of the pioneers or to deny that the Second Coming will happen, it is to show us that we are all too greedy to look for doomsday.
I don't know why we all feel this way. Maybe we watch too many movies and we wish we were part of something, even if its bad, so we can say that we lived through it. But I think that if you start to believe something will happen, then it will. And while I am like you, and would like to see it happen as well, I'd rather see it all happen from heaven.
There is a lot of good left in this world. Its hard to see sometimes. Theres an old saying that "Babies are a message to the world that it should keep going." There's more babies now than there have ever been. We shouldn't be looking for the world to come to an end. We should hope for the future. We should hope for things to get better. I am often reminded of several times in the scriptures when the Lord withheld his hand from destroying his people because his faithful servants simply asked him to. Who knows? Maybe we can delay this coming destruction for thousands of years. Then again, maybe not. But it doesn't matter. The point is that we should keep hoping for the best and do everything in our power to keep the world moving on.


Amber said...

I agree - maybe its because i'm more of an optimist, but its almost making me sick to listen to everyone talking like "the famine" is coming tomorrow. maybe because i'm like you and would rather watch it all from heaven, but i hope everyone is wrong, i hope the rest of my life is as normal as i can expect it to be, i definitely DON'T want to live through doomsday

Inside Stories said...

No matter what happens to the world, we will all have our day when we die. Are we going to feel joy and reunite with our loved ones when we do, or great sorrow and pain because we didn't live up to our potential?
OUR "end of the world" could happen at any moment.

Delirious said...

Well, I do believe we are getting closer to the second coming. The difference between us and the pioneers is that we are seeing the prophecies coming to pass. And watch out, when China opens, that is one of the big ones that we are waiting for.

But having said that, I agree with you, we shouldn't be doomsdayists, we should be living out our lives and continuing to enjoy life. The scriptures even talk about how in the last days they will be "marrying and giving in marriage". That says to me that people will still have hope for the future. Things won't be so bad that people will say, "Well, it's all over, what's the use?".

Actually, I hope I'm not around for the second coming. I don't want to have to see some of the things come to pass. I hope I'm one of those angels who comes down from above to receive all of you. :)