Monday, March 31, 2008

Thoughts on a Road Trip

While we were driving to Denver, my wife and I passed many small towns on the way. Some I couldn't even call a town. Its a house or two, and then nothing for about ten miles. It got me thinking. Who lives in these small rural towns that the rest of the world will never know about? I imagine its mostly people that had already lived and grew up there. But how could you do it? There's no grocery store, no hospital, no school, no police, no form of modern entertainment. Even the houses some people live in look unimaginative and boring. Most houses I can see from the road look like a giant box. Just four walls with six windows and one door. How do they do it? Why would they want to? The luxuries of city life aside, these people are probably terribly alone and bored. It can't be healthy for a person to be away from other people for a long period of time. People are meant to live with other people. They don't even need to talk to other people, just being around others makes one realize that they are not alone, that they're normal, and that if nothing else, we are all connected in the common goal to keep living and to limit the pain that affects us while we are trying to do so.


Delirious said...

Kind of like living where your grandparents live ;0)

Rintor said...

I want to live out in the middle of woods with a proper internet connection and a FedEx drop box.

I bet many people who live in small rural places think similar things about those who live in a city. Why would you want to live within spitting distance of your neighbors? Don't these people have trees? How can they stand all of the horrible crime? Etc.

While I agree we need social interaction, most of that which you get in the city is poor to none. Spend an hour in traffic or an hour at Walmart and watch the way people act towards one another.

Good topic.

Nene said...

I think these people like to be alone. When they want company they probably only interact with family and friends. I'm sure "going to town" is a big event. Sometimes, it sounds kind of nice to me. :0}