Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 Things

5 Things I Do For Myself:

1. Play music and write songs.
2. Go out to lunch when I'm on campus and have the money.
3. Text people frequently of things of no importance.
4. Take hot and relaxing showers.
5. Play video games.

5 Things I Do For My Wife/Close Friends

1. Cover her up with the blanket when I come to bed late.
2. Take the trash out.
3. Calm her fears.
4. Ask how they are doing.
5. Try to keep everyone in a good mood when I'm around them.

5 Things I Do For Strangers:

1. Give money to people on the street.
2. Talk sense.
3. Be kind.
4. Make sure I don't smell.
5. Tip well.


gilbert girl said...

keira's new blog:

Amber said...

LOL thanks for not smelling LOL - also thanks for that comment you left me, it really meant a lot, i never knew i had that influence on you it makes me feel good :)