Tuesday, February 5, 2008

5 Things I Love and Hate


1. I hate homework. You would think that doing homework for the past 18 years would make me used to it but it doesnt. Not to sound arrogant but most of the time, I already learned the lesson my teacher was trying to teach during class so doing the homework is a waste of time.

2. I hate disorder. This is not to be confused with being a clean freak. I am not a clean freak. But there always has to be a method to the madness. When my wife and I first got married, I told her I was frustrated and angry about all of the disorder in our bedroom. So, we went to Target and bought a bunch of hangers, two hampers, two power cord strips, and some storage bins. That was 3 months ago and I haven't complained since.

3. I hate flossing. I rarely do it. This is gross to some people even though I always brush my teeth morning and night for a full two minutes each time (which is more than the standard 30 sec. of most people-and they say I'm gross?). Part of the reason is that I have a small mouth and it is hard for me to floss. The other reason is that it hurts and I'm lazy.

4. I hate sleep. Oh yeah, its great when you're in the process of sleeping but sleep is a waste of time. I really wish I didn't have to sleep but everyone else still did. It would almost be as if I was living two lifetimes with all the extra time I'd have.

5. I hate how negative and pessimistic my friends can be sometimes. There was one point in my life when I thought I was starting to go into depression when I realized that I just felt so negative about everything I had to do and everyone around me, and all I had to do was just try harder to be optimistic. It worked but its still a challenge sometimes, with my friends being the way they are. I'd tell them but they would never believe that that is one of the main reasons they are unhappy.


1. I love playing music. It's fun playing in my bands but lately its been more fun just playing by myself. This is because sometimes you are obligated to play or write songs you don't particularly like because the rest of your band likes them. But when you are by yourself, you can play whatever you want. And when you write by yourself, it is so much easier than writing with someone else.

2. I love my wife, my family and my friends. My family is wonderful and I always look forward to our gatherings and I get sad during those months when it is no one's birthday and we don't have any. I love my friends because only in the past year or two, after being friend's with each other for years, can we finally be honest with each other. I damaged some friendships in the past when I was trying to be a good role model and telling my friends what I thought were stupid mistakes. This drove some of my friends away, and only now, are we starting to rebuild the connection. And my wife. No one except my parents and my siblings thought it was a good idea for me to get married. And even though its only been about 4 months, I still love the fact that I get to see her every night when I come home and I get to talk to her and be with her. She is still the funniest person I have ever met and one of the most caring and I look forward to all the laughs and good times in the future.

3. I love a cold Henry Weinhard's Root Beer. Being Mormon when most of my friends were partying led my other Mormon friends and my wife and I to discover this root beer. When there is nothing for us to do on a Friday and Saturday night, we like to go to the grocery store (I know, it sounds like a blast, right?) and buy treats and drinks. This root beer sells in a 6 pack of glass bottles. To quickly get them cold, put them in the freezer for about 45 min. Delicious and relaxing everytime.

4. I love video games. I feel bad for the older generation who doesn't understand them. Playing video games is almost the same experience as watching a movie except YOU are the main character. There have been many times in my life when I did not have any friends and so I would stay inside and play video games. I know this is not much of an alternative to real friends, but they made me feel better, that I could accomplish something, that I was the hero. Not to mention, I think they made me smarter when I was kid, as there is a lot of problem solving and a lot of reading as well. Besides, anyone who plays a Zelda game will be hooked on video games for life.

5. I love who I am. I feel bad for people who don't feel this way. I would hate to be anyone else than me.


keira said...

That was a great list and I love who you are, too. I'm impressed with the person you've become.

Amber said...

I too get sad when we don't have any family dinner's in a certain month, I can't believe anyone wouldn't have wanted you to marry Stacey she's such a cool sweet awesome girl and I'm so glad she's in our family! :)

Nene said...

I guess I didn't realize we hadn't been having family dinners when it wasn't someone's birthday or a holiday. And just FYI I count a holiday as a family dinner. So, if you think of it that way, we really have been doing pretty good once a month at least since October. :0}