Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Christina's Song

Christina's Song is a song that I did not write. It was written by our bassist and singer Kevin Darrell and performed by our band Shambala. The bad thing about naming any song after a girl is the fact that if you start dating a different girl, you can't play the song anymore which is why we haven't played this song in a very long time. It's a shame because I always thought that it was one of our better songs. Kevin recorded all of the vocal parts and I've always loved the back-up vocals on the pre-chorus and chorus. If you listen closely, you can hear me whiff the guitar on the intro. We talked about re-doing it but decided we were too lazy and pizza was more important. I'm still a bit embarrassed by it but let's argue that it adds "character" to the song and leave it at that. Hope you enjoy.

09 Christina's Song by iceap12