Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Job Update

I don't like talking about myself very much so I'll keep this short. I was offered the ad sales position at Albuquerque the Magazine...kind of. And I turned it down. Basically, they wanted to put me in a sort of job competition. I, and many other prospects, would compete against each other over a 30-day period and whoever had the most sales at the end of the month would be offered the position. All employees would still earn regular commissions on any sales made over the 30 days but they would only earn a minimum wage base salary. With all of these things to consider, I felt it was too risky to do. The job is hard enough as it is (it really might be one of the most unpopular jobs ever created) without having to worry about not having a job next month. I'm feeling okay about it though. I really feel like they are going to remember me if another, more interesting job ever comes along. They really liked me during my interview and I was almost positive that I was going to be offered the position, or at least an invitation to this challenge. So, at least that's something to be happy about. And who knows? Maybe getting them to remember me for the next time I apply there was the entire reason I went through this ordeal. Probably not but you never know. :)


Nene said...

Geez, I thought that was kind of a stupid thing for them to do! Do they really think people have 30 days to "try out" for a job? Give me a break! I think you did the right thing, and I agree with you that I think you did make an impression on them - based on what they said to you in the interview. I hope they do keep you in mind. You never know.

Amber said...

this reminds me of the "internship" on The Pursuit of Happyness, well keep your chin up and keep looking, maybe you should start submitting your stories to different places (the alibi, abq magazine, gaming magazines, etc)