Sunday, January 11, 2009

Top 40 Albums of All-Time for 2009

Every year, I make a list of the 40 albums I think are the best. Surprisingly, the list changes quite a bit. I like to do the list because I like to see how things change each time. This is my list for 2009.
Next to each entry is a number. If it is a subtraction and a number, that is how many spots the entry has moved down the list. If it is a plus sign and a number, that is how many numbers the entry has moved up the list. If there is no number, the entry has stayed in the same place. If there is a N/A sign, the entry was not on the list last year. The name of the album is first followed by the name of the band. So without further ado...

40. Mirrored-Battles N/A
39. In Utero-Nirvana -1
38. Foo Fighters-Foo Fighters -3
37. The Fragile-Nine Inch Nails -5
36. Sound Of Silver-LCD Soundsystem N/A
35. The Oktober People -12
34. Get Behind Me Satan-The White Stripes -1
33. Mule Variations-Tom Waits N/A
32. Good News For People Who Love Bad News-Modest Mouse -6
31. Transatlanticism-Death Cab For Cutie -3
30. Californication-Red Hot Chili Peppers N/A
29. Abbey Road-The Beatles
28. Chutes Too Narrow-The Shins +8
27. 40 Oz. To Freedom-Sublime -6
26. Siamese Dream-Smashing Pumpkins N/A
25. Sea Change-Beck
24. OK Computer-Radiohead -2
23. Demon Days-Gorillaz N/A
22. Want One-Rufus Wainwright -6
21. White Pony-Deftones -4
20. Takk-Sigur ros -2
19. Grace-Jeff Buckley -5
18. Room On Fire-The Strokes -3
17. Plans-Death Cab For Cutie N/A
16. Aha Shake Heartbreak-Kings of Leon -7
15. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-Wilco N/A
14. The Information-Beck +6
13. Silent Alarm-Bloc Party -2
12. Absolution-Muse -8
11. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots-The Flaming Lips -1
10. Fever To Tell-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs +2
09. Funeral-Arcade Fire -1
08. Z-My Morning Jacket +5
07. ( )-Sigur ros -2
06. Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness-Smashing Pumpkins +1
05. The Soft Bulletin-The Flaming Lips -2
04. Return To Cookie Mountain-TV on the Radio +2
03. In Rainbows-Radiohead +36
02. Blood Sugar Sex Magick-Red Hot Chili Peppers -1
01. Kid A-Radiohead +1

There it is. Hope you enjoyed. See you next year.


Nene said...

I was surprised you had Abbey Road on there, but then again, it's a great album.

Stace-Ghost said...

Thats a pretty good list! You know I disagree with some but one I whole heartedly agree with is In Rainbows...that album is amazing!