Friday, June 13, 2008

On the Hunt for a Great Sci-Fi Adventure

I am on a quest. The quest is to find great sci-fi movies that I haven't seen before. I don't know how it all started. I think I've always felt that sci-fi was a genre that has a lot of potential if it is done right. Here is a list of the big sci-fi movies I've already seen. If you have any that aren't on the list, recommend it to me and I'll greatly appreciate it (especially since my xbox broke so I can't play video games, and my wife is out of town, so renting movies is almost all I have to do to entertain myself). And my biggest chink in my list is that I've never seen Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind all the way through. But do you know any others? Here is the list of the movies I HAVE seen:

1. Star Wars (all 6)
2. The Matrix (all 3)
3. The Day the Earth Stood Still
4. Forbidden Planet
5. Flash Gordon
6. Dark City
7. Solaris
8. Stalker
9. Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick
10. Serenity
11. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
12. 2001: A Space Odyssey
13. E.T.
14. Minority Report
15. War of the Worlds
16. A Clockwork Orange
17. Alien (first 2)
18. Metropolis
19. Blade Runner
20. Back to the future (all 3)
21. Donnie Darko
22. Children of Men
23. V for Vendetta
24. The Terminator (all 3)
25. Twelve Monkeys
26. The Truman Show
27. Gattaca
28. Virtually any movie involving a Superhero
29. Mad Max (first 2)
30. I Robot
31. The Fifth Element
32. Equilibrium
33. THX 1138
34. City of Lost Children
35. Brazil
36. The Cell
37. Cube
38. Contact

And thats all I can think of at the moment...Thanks for your help...


gilbert girl said...

How can you list sci-fi movies without including Star Trek??? I love Star Trek!!

Nene said...

Have you tried googling "Sci-Fi's Greatest Movies"? They have lists for everything. You might be able to find some. Have you ever seen "The Day the Earth Stood Still" It is a Sci-Fi movie from the 50's. I thought it was so scary when I was a kid. It's actually quite comical now. It stars Michael Renee (don't know if that's spelled right). Oh, and it's black and white, of course.

Delirious said...

This isn't exactly sci-fi I don't think, but I thought it was kind of fun to watch. It's on the internet so you don't need to rent one lol. It's from the sci-fi channel though....something like, "Who wants to be a superhero".

Amber said...

I think you need to add Logan's Run (a great classic movie to add to your reportoire so you can quote from it lol), Farenheit 451 (though not exactly sci-fi), that one with Big Brother, can't think of the name (it may be on your list already), there's also one that's kind of a horror/sci-fi, called the Cat People or something like that where this lady turns into a cat, it's pretty cool. Oh and for a REALLY scary one rent Fire in the Sky (i think that's the name - about the true account (they say) of a UFO abduction)

Amber said...

oh and The Island, and Dune, and Tank Girl,